Viroga Sailing Kayak

Sailing Kayak


Paddlers with some prior experience will enjoy the top-speed paddling with a single-hull multi-sport kayak. Paddling Viroga with outriggers will only slightly reduce the top speed but the increased stability will offer relaxed paddling even in rough wave conditions.

Viroga is designed for light-wind sailing in the wind range 1-4 Bf (1-16 knots). The ultra light construction doesn't need much wind to speed up and Viroga will easily reach speeds above 10 km/h. Centerboard is deliberately not built-in due to weight- and space-constrictions. However, very slim main hull and outriggers support sailing in the range about 220 degrees which means that you will be able to sail with the wind, across the wind and against the wind at the angle around 70 degrees. Innovative folding rig can be set up and down from the cockpit in a minute and permits frequent paddling/sailing transitions.

you will notice that Viroga is very stable -- good for paddling, sailing and resting.

a retractable KayakGear rudder with foot steering is built in the main hull. Standalone kayak can be steered without the rudder with leaning sideways. The rudder is needed for sailing and can considerably facilitate paddling in difficult conditions. Steering is performed by a competition-type footbar.

Where to pack
Waterproof bags for multiday expeditions can be stored in the kayak behind the seat and in front below the footbar. The sliding seat can be removed for fast and comfortable loading. Suggested loading scheme for expeditions includes two waterproof bags (40 ltr + 20 ltr) in the stern area, and one 20 ltr bag (preferably water container) in the bow area below the footbar system. The suggested loading system provides enough space to support your outdoor expeditions.

Viroga's ultra light design (check the specifications) is ideal for one-man handling, carrying and transporting. Viroga can be easily transported on a roof rack of any car. A suitable kayak carrier (such as Thule Hydroglide) will significantly simplify the transportation.

after arriving at you favorite spot, complete Viroga can be assembled in 10 minutes as follows:

1. Put Viroga parts on a flat ground

2. Attach the crossbar with two screws, then attach the outriggers, each with one screw

3. Attach the rig and arrange the ropes properly

4. Take the carying strap and go for it!